What Is a Scene Template?

Scene templates are the building blocks of your video. It helps to think of a scene template as a canvas on which there are a variety of placeholders, with each placeholder displaying a different form of content.

The scene template in the example below includes the following placeholders:

  • Heading Placeholder, for displaying text
  • Bullet Placeholders, for displaying a bulleted list
  • Media Placeholder (checkered), for displaying a static image or video footage
  • Logo Placeholder, for displaying a company logo. In the example below, the YourCo logo is displayed at the bottom right.
  • Footnote Placeholder, for displaying text at the bottom of the scene


The SundaySky Video Platform includes 11 scene templates. Each one of these scene templates, with a unique combination of placeholders, is designed for a specific messaging goal. For each scene template, a number of layouts are available from which you can choose. A layout is an alternative arrangement of the placeholders in the scene. See Working with Scene Layouts for more information.

Click to see all the scene templates
The scene template examples below are based on the Elements theme. The layouts for each scene template will vary according to the theme that is selected.












Scene Template Recommendations

In this section, you will find recommendations for which scene template to use for your video's scenes. These recommendations are based on the purpose of the scene. As you browse the scene templates, note that after selecting a scene template, you can always hide placeholders (text, media, button, logo) that you have no need for.

To see the recommendations, click the tab representing the content that you want to add to your scene. In each section, you can also see one of the scene templates configured with actual content.

Single Message Double Message Buttons Lists Media Asset Only
When you want to display a single, prominent message with minimum distraction, use one of the scene templates displayed below.
Note that the templates differ in what is included in the scene besides the message (button, media, or both).
You can also take advantage of the sub-heading placeholder to reinforce your heading.

Single Message


Single Message with Media


Single Message with Media and Button


Double Media


Example with content:
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