What is a Layout?

The video you create—either from scratch or from a Story Template—is composed of scenes. Each one of these scenes includes a selection of layouts to provide you with options for design and creative flexibility.
Simply speaking, a layout is an alternative arrangement of the scene placeholders.
If, for example, you select the scene below for your video:


You can then select a different layout from the options provided:


As can be seen in the example above, both layouts for this specific scene include the same six placeholders: 2 headings, 1 sub-heading, 1 media, 1 button, and a footnote. The placeholders are just arranged differently and occupy different areas of space, depending on the layout that you select. Note that the number and types of placeholders will vary according to the scene. 

Color Combinations

For even greater flexibility, you can change the colors of the scene components (placeholders). By default, the layout colors are dictated by the colors you defined in the video's brand. The four colors that are used in the layout are Primary, Secondary, Accent 1, and Accent 2.

Click to see an example of the 4 major colors in the brand

You can continue to use the default color combination or select a different one. All the color combinations are made up of the brand colors but each combination assigns a different color to the four major color types.

Screenshot_2023-05-07_at_20.51.21.png. Screenshot_2023-05-07_at_20.51.44.png

In the example below, the same scene is displayed four times, each time with a different color combination. The result is four very different presentations, demonstrating the impact of color changes on the same scene components.

color_combo_1_updated.jpg color_combo_2_updated.jpg
color_combo_3_updated.jpg color_combo_4_updated.jpg

Selecting a Layout and Color Combination


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to work on.



2. Click the three-dot menu on the scene thumbnail and then select Switch Layout.

The various layouts and color combinations are displayed.




(Optional) If you want to change the placeholders in the scene, you can select additional scene templates from the drop-down list to see varied layouts.
See Changing a Layout (Advanced Options) to learn more.




Select the layout and color combination that you want to apply to this scene.
▶ You can select only a new layout or only a different color combination. The layouts and color combinations are not dependent on one another.

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