Setting a Minimum Duration for a Scene

This feature, along with others that increase your creative flexibility, is only available for a video using the improved layout library. See Improved Layout Library—FAQ to learn more about the benefits and how to upgrade. You will know that you have not yet upgraded to the improved layout library if you see the following banner when you open the video in the Studio or Video Page:



The duration of a scene is determined by three factors:

  • the length of the voice-over narration
  • the length of the video asset (if it is played to the end)
  • the time it takes to play the scene animation as defined in the layout

The longest duration (of the 3 mentioned above) determines the length of the scene. For example:

If The duration of the voice-over is 7 seconds.
and The duration of the video asset (played to the end) is 8 seconds.
and The duration of the scene animation is 3 seconds.
Then The scene duration is 8 seconds.

There may be cases, however, where you would like to overwrite the default scene duration with a minimum duration. If, for example, there is a lot of on-screen text for viewers to read, you may want to increase the scene duration so that there is enough time to complete reading all of it.

Continuing the example above:

If The current scene duration is 8 seconds.
and The scene minimum duration is set to 10 seconds (to allow more time for reading).
Then The scene duration is 10 seconds.


Important Note:
If the minimum duration is set to a value that is less than the default scene duration, its value will not be taken into account. For example:
If the voice-over duration is 12 seconds and the scene minimum duration is set to 10 seconds, the scene duration will continue to be 12 seconds so that the voice-over can be heard in its entirety.

25 seconds is the maximum duration that can be set for a scene.

Setting a Minimum Duration for a Scene


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


From the scene line-up, select the relevant scene.


Set the minimum duration using either of the following access points:

Scene Line-up Preview Window
a. Hover over the scene thumbnail and then click the three-dot Actions menu.
b. Select Minimum Duration.
c. Enter the value, in seconds, for the minimum scene duration.
▶ You can also use the slider to set the value.
▶ If required, you can add a maximum of one digit after the decimal point (e.g. 16.5).
d. Close the dialog window to save the setting.
  The menu option is updated with the minimum duration that was set.
  An icon is added to the scene thumbnail in the line-up to indicate that a minimum duration has been set for this scene. Hovering over the icon displays the scene duration.

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