By default, the same logo is displayed in all the scenes of a video. This is because the logo is a component of a brand and a brand is applied to the entire video.

There may be times, however, when you would prefer to display a different logo in a specific scene.

Here are some use cases where this can be useful:


The default brand logo does not display well against the background color of the scene and it's therefore necessary to display a logo with different attributes.


In a specific scene, you want to display the logo of a customer, partner, or specific product.


You are co-branding the content with another brand name and need to also display their logo.


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


From the scene line-up, select the scene in which you want to change the logo.


Select the logo placeholder in the scene and then click the Edit logo icon on the toolbar.




Toggle the switch to Unlink this logo from brand.




Depending on your needs, use one of the following options to change the logo.
▶ Note that all the options used for changing the logo are identical to those used for displaying a media asset in the scene.

Upload/From library Message by Audience From Data Stream
Using this option, a logo is uploaded to the scene and replaces the default logo. All viewers of the video will see this logo in the scene.

a. Make sure that Upload/From library is selected.

b. Click anywhere outside the Logo window to close the window.
c. Select Media in the sidebar to open the media library
d. Locate the logo that you want to use in the media library or upload a logo from your computer.

e. Drag the logo to the logo placeholder.
▶ As you drag the media asset, the placeholder is highlighted, guiding you to where you need to place the media asset.

f. After the logo is positioned on the placeholder, release the mouse to drop the logo.
▶ If a lock is displayed on the placeholder when you attempt to drop the logo, this indicates that you have not unlinked the logo from the brand.




When the Logo window is open, you can also add a logo by dragging it to the thumbnail of the placeholder.




All the tools available for editing a media asset can also be used to edit a logo. These include cropping, trimming, and flipping.


If the logo is a video asset, the sound will always be turned off and it cannot be played to the end.


At any time, you can go back to using the brand logo by toggling the switch off.



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