Duplicating a scene in a video creates a new scene that is an exact copy of the original scene.
All the content in the original scene—including text, media assets, voice-over script, and personalization logic—is copied in its entirety. Duplicating a scene can be helpful when you want to “try out” changes on a scene before actually making them. Working on a duplicated scene enables you to work freely without harming the content in the original scene.

Note that a scene can only be duplicated within the same video. A scene cannot be duplicated from one video to another.

To duplicate a scene:

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.


In the scene line-up—on the scene that you want to duplicate—hover over the thumbnail to see the three-dot menu in the corner.



Click the three-dot menu and then select Duplicate Scene.

  The duplicated scene is added to the scene line-up, right after the original scene.
▶ The name of the duplicated scene is the same as that of the original scene with Copy of added at the beginning. To rename the scene, see this article for guidelines.



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