As you work on a scene in your video, you may want to explore a different scene template option than the one that is currently used. This situation may occur when you require more or less placeholders or different types of placeholders.

Here are some examples to illustrate this situation:

  • The current scene includes five bullets and you need only three.
  • The current scene includes only one media placeholder and you now require two placeholders for the media assets that you want to display.
  • The current scene doesn't include a button and you now need to include a button with a link to a website.

Instead of creating a new scene completely from scratch, you can simply select a different scene template, along with a layout that matches your creative vision. After your selection, the current scene content will be automatically updated according to the new template and layout that you chose.

Below is an example:

Original Updated
The original scene template included only a heading and sub-heading, after which the user wanted to add more text to the scene.


Changing the Layout


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


From the scene line-up, select the relevant scene.



Depending on the layout you switch to, some content in the scene may be lost. For this reason, we recommend duplicating the scene and making layout changes only to the duplicated scene. In this way, you can always return to the original scene if you need to.


On the scene thumbnail, click the three-dot menu and then select Switch Layout.




In the example below, the current scene template is 5 Bullets and there are six layout options.




Open the drop-down list and select the scene template that you want to change to. See Choosing a Scene Template to read descriptions of the scene templates.
▶ Note that the current scene template is also selected.



Layouts matching the scene template that you selected are added. Note the caution icon exclamation-triangle.svg that is displayed on some of the layouts. This indicates to you that if you select this layout, some of the content currently in the scene will no longer be displayed.
▶ In the example below, the current scene has five bullets and the new layouts support only three bullets. As a result, two bullets will no longer be displayed and therefore, the caution icon appears.



5. Select the layout that you want to switch to and then click Switch.
▶ If you select a layout in which some of the content will be lost, you'll also receive a warning message.




The content in the scene is updated according to the new layout.
In the example below, three bullets are now displayed in the scene instead of the original five (see screenshot in step 3).





You can add as many scene templates as you would like from the drop-down list.




If you would like to see all the scene layouts, check the Select All checkbox.



3. Once you have switched to a new layout from a different scene template, the content in all the displayed layouts is updated according to the new selection.
In the example below, a scene with five bullets was switched to a scene with three bullets.
In the layouts with five bullets, there is now content for only the first three bullets. For the remaining two (see red boxes below), placeholders are displayed, representing the missing content.

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