Product Area Description Release Date
Video Creation Undo/Redo Functionality Now Live 
The highly anticipated undo/redo functionality is now active inside the Studio. If you've accidentally deleted content, made a mistake, or just changed your mind regarding a bit of formatting, you can quickly revert your action with one click. And just as easily, you can redo an action that you've undone.
To learn more, see:
Undoing / Redoing an Action
Media Video Footage Can Now Be Looped in a Scene
With the new looping capability, a video can now be played continuously in a scene. This is especially useful when the length of the video asset is shorter than the voice-over duration and you'd like the video to continue playing until the voice-over ends.  
To learn more, see:
Setting the Duration of a Video Asset Inside a Scene
Accessibility New Detailed Video Transcript
In accordance with WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines, the detailed video transcript has been completely redesigned to enable better accessibility for visually impaired viewers that use screen reading technology. Generated in HTML format, the transcript now includes the video name and is divided by section headers according to content.
To learn more, see:
SundaySky and Accessibility
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