Release Notes—February 2024

Product Area Description Release Date
Video Creation New Options for Displaying Disclaimer Text
If you need to add a large amount of text to a footnote placeholder—to show a disclaimer, for example—you will want the font size to be easy to read while allowing enough time for your viewers to read the text. With the new Text display mode feature, you can accomplish both objectives.
In addition, new layouts that are footnote-focused have been added to the Scene Template library. The footnote placeholders in these new layouts are positioned prominently in the scene and can accommodate an ample amount of text.
To learn more, see:
Display Options for Footnote Text
Personalization More Options for Managing Data Connectors
With the release of the Manage connector option, you now have better visibility into which data libraries and videos are linked to the data connectors that you have implemented. In addition, reauthenticating and removing third-party data connectors are now self-serve processes that can be performed quickly and easily.
To learn more, see:
Data Connector Management
Distribution New Tool for Creating Embed Code
With the new Embed Code Builder, you can now create, edit, and generate an embed code for a player page without any coding knowledge.
To learn more, see:
Embedding the SundaySky Player in a Webpage
Video Creation Even More Flexibility with Text Styles
When using a text placeholder, you are no longer limited to the default text style defined for the placeholder. With the click of a button, you can change the text style to any of those defined in your brand.
To learn more, see:
Changing the Text Style in a Placeholder
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