Most scenes in your video will contain at least one placeholder that is designed for text. This article provides guidelines on how to add text to a placeholder, that will be seen on-screen by all viewers.

A text placeholder can be empty or it can contain prewritten text that you can overwrite (as in a Story Template).

For how to configure personalized text, see the following articles:
Configuring Text with a Personalization Token
Text: Message by Audience

To add text to a scene:


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to add text to.


2. Select the relevant text placeholder and then click the Edit text icon on the toolbar.


3. Select the existing text.


4. Edit the text as required and then click anywhere outside the text placeholder to save.
▶ The font size is dependent on the length of the text. With longer texts, the font size is decreased to enable all the text to display in the placeholder.


  The text is updated in the scene.

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