All the scenes included in your program have been designed to attain your business goals. They all include prewritten text, carefully scripted by professionals with expertise in your domain and business goals.

Depending on your needs, you may decide to keep the text as written, edit it lightly, or change it completely. This article provides guidelines on how to add text that will be seen by all viewers. For how to add dynamic messaging—personalized according to viewer—see the following articles:
Configuring 1:1 Personalization
Configuring Messages for Different Audiences


From the scene line-up, select the scene with the text that you want to work on.



Hover over the text to see the blue text placeholder and then click inside the placeholder.


The current text is displayed in the Configuration pane.



Edit the text as required and then click anywhere outside the text field to save the change. Note that inside the text field, the Enter key is used only for creating a line break and not for saving the text you entered.
▶ If you need to, you can remove all the text and leave the placeholder empty.
▶ While the text is updating, you'll see a blue progress bar above the scene.
▶ The font size is dependent on the length of your text. With longer texts, the font size is decreased to enable all the text to display in the placeholder.


The text is updated in the scene.


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