All the reports that have been created for videos in your account are displayed—in summary format—on the reports page. Reports that have been deleted are permanently removed from your account and are no longer displayed on this page.

You'll find this page useful when you want to:

  Quickly view the main details of a report

  Check on a report's status

  Perform various actions on a specific report

Viewing Existing Reports


Click Analytics in the sidebar.



Click the Reports tab.



The reports page is displayed:


The following details are displayed for each report:

  Column Description
a. Report Name The name given to the report during report creation.
b. Video Type Indicates if the video is being used in owned media or for programmatic ads.
c. Includes The video (one or more) on which the report is based.
d. Enabled Schedules The number of report deliveries that are currently active.
e. Time Zone The time zone that dictates the start and end of a day for report data generation.
f. Created The date on which the report was created.
g. Last Updated The date on which the report settings were last edited.
h. Last Updated by The email address of the user who made the last edit to the report.



1. Use the search field on the right side of the page if you are looking for a specific report.

2. The report rows can be sorted by any column on the page (ascending or descending order).

Report Actions

You can perform various actions on existing reports from the reports page.


To get started, select the relevant report.



From the top menu, select one of the following options:


Click Edit to make changes to the report's settings.
▶ You can also click the report name to access these settings.
▶ If you only want to edit the scheduling settings, click the pencil icon by the current values in the Enabled Schedules column.


Make a Copy
Click Make a Copy to duplicate the report.
▶ Note that when you copy a report, the scheduling options are also copied to the new report but are not enabled.
Click Send to email the report to one or more recipients.
▶ This send action does not affect any scheduled deliveries that have been configured for the report.
Click Delete to permanently remove the report from your account.
▶ Proceed with caution as a deleted report cannot be restored.
▶ This is the only action that can be performed on more than one report.
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