Exporting the script of a video that you've created enables you to see in PDF format all the content that your video includes.

This is very useful when you want to share the video content with someone without access to the SundaySky Video Platform or when you want to especially focus on the video's content in a more systematic way. As with all PDF documents, those reading the script can highlight the text as well as add their comments.


If your video does not include data or show/skip scene, all the content is included in the video script.

If your video does include data or show/skip scene, you have two options:

1. You can create a viewer profile before exporting. The data and logic included in the video profile will be reflected in the script.
2. You can export the script without a viewer profile, thereby displaying the default content in every scene.

Further to the options described above, it helps to remember that the content you see in the video preview is what is exported to the video script file.

Exporting the Video Script File


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Click the preview button in the workspace.




(Optional) If your video includes data, you can select the viewer profile that will define what content is included in the video script file.
▶ If your video does not include data or you would like to see the default content without any personalization, skip this step.




Click Share for Review and then Export Script.




As the PDF file is being downloaded, the Exporting script message is displayed at the bottom of the page.



File Contents

On the first page of the file, the following information is displayed:
a. The name of the video.
b. The name of the viewer profile used for the video script (if relevant).
c. When data is used, the names of the source fields are displayed in this column.
d. When data is used, the data used for the viewer profile is displayed in this column.
When data is not used, this column remains empty.


On the following pages, each type of video content is displayed, according to scene. Click through the tabs beneath the image to read descriptions of each column.


a b c d e
The scene thumbnail (for quick orientation), scene number, and scene name are displayed in this column.
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