As you create your video, you may want to occasionally share a draft of the video with others. By doing so, you and others can review the video before you publish it.

To share the video as an MP4 file after publishing, see Downloading a Video as an MP4 File



The video is downloaded with the following specifications:
HD 720p (1280 x 720 pixels)


If the video includes a button, it will not be clickable in the downloaded MP4 file.


If the video is played in the QuickTime player, closed captions cannot be displayed.

To download a draft of the video:


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


(Optional) If you want to download only one specific scene, select the relevant scene in the scene line-up.

3. Click the preview button in the workspace.


4. Depending on what you want to download, click Full Video or This Scene.


5. (Optional) If the video includes personalization, you can create a viewer profile that will define what content is included in the video that you download.
▶ If the video does not include personalization, skip this step.


6. Preview the video to make sure that it looks exactly as you expect.

7. Click Share for Review and then select Download Draft.


8. (Optional) If you would like to include closed captions in the downloaded video, toggle the captions switch to the right.


9. Click Download.


The video is downloaded to your computer.
If you have included captions, the video is downloaded to a zipped folder containing two files (see example below). The MP4 file contains the video and the WebVTT file contains the captions. When you extract the files, make sure to keep them together in the extracted folder.

The file name conventions of the downloaded files, including examples, are provided in the table below.




File Name Conventions
  Without Personalization With Personalization
Full Video [video name]

Product Update Announcement
[video name]_[viewer profile name]

Product Update Announcement_Individuals
Single Scene [video name]_[scene name]_scene

Job Recruiting_Your Role_scene
[video name]_[scene name]_scene_[viewer profile name]

Job Recruiting_Your Role_scene_Marketing
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