If you have decided to personalize your video, you'll need to connect your video to a data library. The data library, containing all the data fields that you can use for personalization, is the component that serves as a bridge between the video you're creating and your data source.

Data libraries are located on the account level, meaning that you can access any data library created by users of your account. Your account will most likely have a number of data libraries from which you can select the one that best suits your video. When deciding which data library to use, consider the following:

  • Is the data library connected to the source in your company that holds the data set pertaining to your audience?
  • Does the data library have the data fields you need to personalize the video?

If your account has a data library with the appropriate connector and the majority of data fields that you need, you can always add any additional fields that are required. We recommend that you not create redundant data libraries with the same data fields and connector. This will cause unnecessary bloat in your account.

You can edit the data fields in an existing data library and, of course, create a new data library from scratch when no existing library meets your needs.

When making any change to a data library—either to the data fields or to the data connector—always remember that any change will affect all the videos that have selected this data library. We recommend that you consider the implications carefully before making any change.

If this is the first time that you are selecting a data library, we recommend that you read Video Personalization—How It Works to familiarize yourself with the video personalization process from end to end.

Selecting a Data Library


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Data in the sidebar.
▶ You will also be prompted to select a data library when you begin personalizing content in one of the video scenes.


  A list of all the data libraries in your account is displayed.


3. As you scroll through the list to locate the library you want to use, note the information displayed by each library:
a. Data library name.
b. Data connector attached to the library.
c. The videos using this data library. If there are multiple videos, hover over the line to see all the names.
d. The data fields included in the library.


4. After you locate the data library that you want to use, select the library and then click Select at the bottom of the window.
▶ A video can be connected to only one data library.


5. Review the data fields in the library to make sure that they match your requirements. See Data Library Structure for detailed information.


6. (Optional) Create new data fields that you need for your video.

7. Click Done at the bottom of the page to confirm the selection.

Data Library Structure

Before deciding on the data library that you want to use, you can carefully review its components to make sure that it suits the personalization you are implementing.

Inside the data library, you can also add, edit, and delete data fields.


A data library can be connected to more than one video. Before making any change, take into consideration how it will affect all the relevant videos and proceed with caution.


a b c d e
The icons in this column indicate the status of the data field.
status_1.jpg Data field is mapped.
status_2.jpg Data field is in use but not mapped.
status_3.jpg Data field is not in use and is not mapped.

Removing a Data Library

You will need to remove a data library if you want to switch to a different data library or if you decide that you no longer want to personalize the video.

A data library can only be removed if the data fields it contains are not used in any of the video's scenes. After removing all the data fields from the video, the data library can be removed.

For your convenience, you can refer to the Used in videos column inside the data library to see where the data fields are being used.


To remove a data library:


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Data in the sidebar.


Review the data library to make sure that it is not being used by any video.


Click the three dots in the upper right and then select Remove data library from video.




If you are sure that you want to remove the library, click Remove Library From Video.




(Optional) If the data library is no longer being used by any video, you can delete the library completely by clicking Delete Data Library.



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