An archived video that has never been published can be deleted permanently from your account.


A deleted video cannot be recovered.

To delete a video:


From Your Videos, click the Archive folder to access its contents.
▶ In the example below, the folder is displayed in grid view. Clicking the Archive folder in list view performs the same action.



Locate the archived video that you want to delete.


Click the three-dot menu and then select Delete Permanently according to the view that you are working in.
▶ If this option is unselectable, it indicates that there is a published version of this video.
▶ This option is also available from the video page of an archived video.

Your Videos: Grid View Your Videos: List View Video Page
4. If you are sure that you want to delete this video, type DELETE in upper case letters.


5. (Optional) If the video that you want to delete uses a data library that was used by only this video, you can delete the data library as well.


6. Click Delete at the bottom of the window.

  A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the screen and the video is deleted from the archive.

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