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Note that you need to have editing permissions in order to select a theme in a brand configuration.

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What is a Theme?
Selecting a Theme

What is a Theme?

A theme dictates the overall look and feel of the video experience. It includes motion graphic elements, transitions, and other visual elements.

Themes give you the following advantages:


All users, even those without design skills, can create a high-quality, professional video experience.


You can create a high-quality video experience with maximum impact in minimum time.


As the theme you select is used for all the scenes in your program, the result is visual consistency. This consistency means, for example, that the same animation styles are used throughout all the scenes without any extra effort on your part.

Each theme, designed with an overall common visual style, can be configured so that its key components (colors and text styles) match your branding. See Creating a Brand Configuration for more information.

Below is the collection of SundaySky themes from which you can select when creating your video. For each theme, you can see an example of how a video scene looks when that theme is applied.

01_Modern.gif   02_Lite.gif
The Modern theme is clean, simple, and modular. With basic shapes and smooth animation, it is ideal for brands that prefer simplicity and a clean design.  

The Lite theme is fluid, transparent, and cinematic. Recommended for when you want to showcase media assets (images and video footage), the visuals will usually appear in full screen with text on top. 

03_Elements.gif   New_Waves_Thumbnail_Medium_compression.gif

The Elements theme is fun, playful, and dynamic. A variety of media sizes and geometrical design elements work together to create a lively composition.


The Waves theme is elegant and sleek. With lots of flowing animation, there is a smooth feel to all the video elements that populate the screen.

Minimal_Editor_long_Gif_if_needed.gif   Hoops_Thumbnail.gif
The Minimal theme is minimalistic and lean. With a modular composition and more muted transitions, this theme works well for brands that have strong visual assets that need very little treatment.   The Hoops theme, round and harmonious, strikes the right balance between on-screen text and images. If your brand relies on icons as part of the visual language, they will display at their largest when using this theme.
Craft_250.gif   Limbo_Thumbnail_Platform_new.gif

The Craft theme is bold and urban, with a rugged personality. It's great for brands that cater to a young and trendy audience.

  The Limbo theme is slick, vivid, and flexible. With this no-frills theme, bold text and images tell the full story. When you want your brand colors to shine through, this is the ideal theme.


A theme is a component of a brand configuration. A brand configuration can be applied to more than one program. If you change the theme in a brand configuration, this will affect both the program you are currently working on as well as all programs using the same brand configuration. We therefore recommend proceeding with caution.

Selecting a Theme


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Themes section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.




Select the theme that you want to use for the brand configuration. The aspect ratio icons to the right of each theme indicate which layouts (horizontal/vertical) are supported for the specific theme. See Creating a Video from Scratch to learn more about aspect ratios and layouts.
▶ A blue border around the theme indicates that it is selected.



Click Save at the bottom of the page.

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