When you create a new video, the aspect ratio is set depending on how you are creating the video:

  • If you are creating the video from scratch, you select the aspect ratio in the first step.
  • If you are creating the video using AI Copilot, the initial aspect ratio is 16:9 but can be changed when editing the video.
  • If you are creating the video using a Story Template, the initial aspect ratio is set according to design considerations (16:9 or 9:16) but can be changed when editing the video.

The available aspect ratios in the platform are 16:9, 9:16, and 4:5. As you decide which to use, take into account your distribution channel and the device your audience uses to play the video. For example: 4:5 is a common ratio for social media posts.

Inside the Studio, the Workspace, scene line-up, and Scene Template library are all aligned according to the aspect ratio of the video.

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Changing the Aspect Ratio

After changing the aspect ratio, you may need to make slight edits to the content in the scenes. These edits include adjusting the media assets and making edits to the text (especially line breaks).

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.
2. Select Aspect Ratio in the sidebar.
  The current aspect ratio is selected.
3. Select the aspect ratio that you want to switch to.
4. Note the message that is displayed. If you are sure that you want to change the aspect ratio, click Switch.
  The video is updated according to the new aspect ratio.
▶ The layout selected for each scene is the one that best matches the content in the scene. If you prefer a different layout, you can select a new one.
5. Review the video and, where relevant, edit the content so that it is displayed correctly in the updated scenes.
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