Selecting the right background music is a great way to set the tone of the video and make your message memorable. You can select a track from the stock music library (which includes 30,000 tracks covering a wide variety of genres and moods) or upload a custom track of your own.

By default, a video does not have any background music.

As you add music to your video, note the following:

1. A music track is added to the entire video and not to individual scenes.
2. If your video is longer than the track you added, the music will loop with a gap of a few seconds between loops. For longer videos, we recommend selecting a track with a longer duration.
3. After you add the music track, you can adjust its volume. See Adjusting Sound Volumes to learn more.

Selecting a Track from the Stock Music Library


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Music in the sidebar.



Select Stock Music.


The stock music library, powered by Storyblocks, is opened. By each track, you'll find tags that describe its mood and genre.




Browse through the library and preview tracks by clicking the play button by each of them.
▶ The audio watermark heard during the preview is not part of the track when added to your video.
▶ See Tips for Searching below to find a track that best suits your video. You can also use our AI-powered recommendation system to discover tracks that match the feel of the video.


  Tips for Searching

Click a filter at the top of the page to find tracks matching a popular mood or genre.



Use the tags in a search result to run a new search.
In the example below, a search was run for the word Happy.
In some of the results, there are additional tags that describe the track that you may be unaware of. You can click any of the other tags to run a new search.



In the search bar, type a mood or genre to retrieve matching tracks.




When you decide on the track that you want, click the radio button in the track row and then click Select at the bottom of the page.


The track is added to the video and pinned to the first row in the library.



Uploading a Custom Track

For custom tracks, MP3 format is supported, with a maximum file size of 25 MB.


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Music in the sidebar.




Click Upload Music.




Upload your MP3 file using either of the following options:
a. Drag and drop the file to the area bordered by the dotted lines.
b. Click browse and then upload the file from your local or cloud storage.




The uploaded music track is added to My Uploads and automatically selected for the video. All the music tracks that you upload in the future will be saved in this section, ready for use in any of the videos in your account.



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