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The stock music library in the SundaySky Video Platform contains over 30,000 tracks. Although you can browse the tracks and narrow your search using tags, you may prefer getting a music recommendation for your video using Copilot, our AI tool. Our AI-powered recommendation system was developed to give you music track recommendations based on the following two factors:

  1. The script that you added to the video (in the voice-over placeholders)
  2. The duration of the video

Copilot analyzes the video script and provides music track recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

For general guidelines on how to add music to a video, see Adding Music to a Video.

Using Copilot


Make sure that you have added a script to all the relevant voice-over placeholders in the video.
▶ Copilot can only be used if the video contains a script.


In the stock music library, click Ask Copilot.




After processing, the recommendations are displayed in Copilot's Suggestions.




(Optional) If you would like to get more recommendations, click Recommend Again.
▶ As the new recommendations will replace the current ones, you should make a note of any tracks that you may want to return to.




The new recommendations are displayed.
▶ You can click Recommend Again as many times as you'd like in order to receive new suggestions.





As the music recommendations are based on the video script, the recommendations will change accordingly if you change the script and request new recommendations.


The music recommendations are saved in Copilot's Suggestions until you close the music library.


At any time, you can click a tag related to a music recommendation to see stock music tracks that match that tag.



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