Setting the Duration of a Video Asset Inside a Scene


After adding a video asset to a scene, you can configure how the video should play within the scene.
The SundaySky platform provides three options:

1. Cut at end of scene. This is the default option. If this is selected, the video asset plays until the voice-over ends.
2. Play full duration. When this option is selected and the voice-over is shorter than the video asset, the video will continue playing until its end, after which the scene will end. We recommend using this option for the following use cases:

▶ The video asset demonstrates step-by-step how to do something.
▶ The video asset shows a person speaking.
▶ The most important part of the video asset is at the end.

When playing the entire video asset, the first and last seconds of the video play during the transition between scenes.
3. Loop while scene plays. When this option is selected, the video will loop until the voice-over ends. Looping a video can be useful when the length of the video asset is shorter than the voice-over duration and you'd like the video to continue playing until the voice-over ends. If the video is looped, there is no risk of the video "freezing" before the voice-over ends.

When using this option, the audio in the video is automatically muted—even if you have set the video asset to Play video sound.

Setting the Duration of a Video Asset

1. From the scene line-up, select the scene with the relevant video asset.
2. Select the video asset.
3. On the toolbar, click the Video asset duration icon.
4. Select the desired option.
5. Click anywhere in the scene to close the options menu.
  The toolbar icon is updated according to the option selected.
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