Embedding the SundaySky Player in a Webpage

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Player Placement
Player Attributes
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SundaySky provides an HTML5 player designed for dynamic video streaming to all major desktop and mobile browsers.

In this article, you'll find instructions on how to embed the SundaySky player in your webpage.

Do not attempt to modify the properties of the player by using a method other than that described in this article. If you have special requirements that are not addressed in the guidelines below, please reach out to your SundaySky Project Manager.

Adding the Player Script Code

To add the SundaySky player to your webpage, add the below code to the page.
If you are using the SundaySky API, follow the guidelines in Data Connector: SundaySky API instead of the guidelines below.

Within the code, replace <Video ID> with the relevant value from the video. To get the Video ID, log into SundaySky, access the video, and then copy the Video ID from the URL. The Video ID (highlighted in yellow below) appears after videos/ and before /content. Each video in your account has a unique Video ID.


Note that the Video ID must be populated with the actual value in order for the video to display.

<!-- Place div (sskydiv) on your page where the video should appear -->

<div id='sskydiv'></div>

var sskyProgramID = '<Video ID>'; //

function createPlayer() {
var sskyplayer = document.createElement('sundaysky-video');
sskyplayer.setAttribute('id', 'sskyplayer');
sskyplayer.setAttribute('analytics-token', sskyProgramID);
sskyplayer.setAttribute('endpoint-url', 'https://apis.sundaysky.com/get-video/player-session/'+sskyProgramID+window.location.search);
sskyplayer.setAttribute('poster', 'https://player.sundaysky.com/poster.png');
sskyplayer.setAttribute('transcript-button', 'show');

<script src=

Player Placement

On your webpage, place the div element (sskydiv) where you would like the player to appear. This div must be loaded on the page before calling the createPlayer() function shown in the code snippet above.

The player is responsive with default dimensions of 640 x 360 pixels. You can use CSS properties to overwrite these dimensions.

Player Attributes

The player has several attributes that can be used to customize the player settings and behavior. The code above includes the attributes that are required for standard functionality. Below you can find additional common attributes for customizing the player.

Attribute Description

The player is set to collect all page query string parameters. This JSON string can be used to pass additional parameters to the video generation process.

In the code example following, the id parameter is used for personalizations and the Source parameter for tracking and reporting the origin or referrer of the video view. For example, the values of Source can be "email", "sms", and "portal".

Code example:
sskyplayer.setAttribute('session-parameters','{"id":"<User ID>", "channel":"<Source>"}');


Set the player background image that is displayed until the viewer clicks the play button.

Code example:
sskyplayer.setAttribute('poster','<Image URL>')

Web Analytics and Video Event Integration

The video player emits events for various events within the video and player, and while the viewer interacts with the video. Event listeners can be used to trigger any JavaScript code that you define. For a complete list of events, data which can be exposed by an event, and code examples, see Integrating with Player Events.

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