If you would like to change the aspect ratio of an existing video to better suit your distribution channel or audience's device, you can do this easily from within the platform. This functionality applies to both videos created from scratch and those created from a Story Template.

After changing the aspect ratio, you may need to make slight edits to the content in the scenes. These edits include adjusting the media assets and making edits to the text (especially line breaks).


Access the video whose aspect ratio you want to change.
▶ In most cases, this will be a copy of an existing video or a Story Template whose aspect ratio you need to change in order to create another version of the video.


Click Aspect Ratio in the sidebar.



3. Select the new aspect ratio.


  All the video scenes are updated according to the new aspect ratio.
▶ The layout selected for each scene is the one that best matches the content included in the scene. If you prefer a different layout, you are free to choose a new one.
▶ After switching to the new aspect ratio, the scene template library is updated accordingly.


4. Review the video and, where relevant, edit the content so that it is displayed properly in the updated scenes.
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