Turning the Video Asset Sound On or Off

When you upload a video asset with sound to a scene, you can decide whether to keep the sound on or turn it off. In some cases, the audio from the video asset will be important to the story. In other cases, you may prefer turning the sound off and making the background music and voice-over more dominant.



By default, the sound will always be turned on for a video asset with sound.


After uploading the video asset, you can listen to the sound by previewing the video.


If the video asset is being used for personalization, the sound setting (either on or off) will apply to all the variations that you define for a specific placeholder. 

To turn the sound on or off:


From the scene line-up, select the scene with the relevant video asset.


Hover over the media placeholder to see the blue borders and then click inside the placeholder.



In the right panel, keep the toggle switch to the right to Use video asset sound or toggle the switch to the left to turn the sound off.



If you need to trim the video asset, you can also turn the sound on or off as you work.



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