As you create your video, we recommend that you preview your work as you go so that you can see how the content you configure—text, media, voice-overs, and more—plays in the video. Previewing is important for a number of reasons:

  • You'll be able to see how each scene plays and how the scenes transition from one to another.

  • You'll hear the voice-over and the selected background music.

  • You'll view the media assets that you have uploaded.

  • If your video includes personalization that you've implemented with 1:1 personalization or audience messaging, you will only be able to see the variations when previewing.

  • After each preview, you can make any required adjustments and tweaks.

If you would like to share a preview of the video with someone who does not have access to the platform, you can download a scene or the entire video to an MP4 file.


From the scene line-up, select the scene that you want to preview.
▶ If you want to preview the entire video, you can select any scene.




Click the preview button in the workspace.


  The preview window is displayed.


3. Click This Scene to preview the current scene or Full Video to preview the entire video from beginning to end.


4. Click the play button to preview.
▶ You will see the content and hear the voice-over that are defined for all viewers.
▶ If you have configured personalization, you will see the default content and hear the default voice-over. Default content is what is used when data is not available or the viewer does not belong to a specific audience.


5. (Optional) If you have configured personalization, you can select values from the relevant drop-down lists to see how the video will look to a specific audience. In this way, you can test samples of your data to make sure that your audiences see the relevant content.

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