If you would like to create a new video based on an existing one, the easiest way to do this is to duplicate the original video. Here are the main points to be aware of when duplicating a video:

  • The last version of the original video is duplicated in its entirety, including media assets.

  • If the original video is connected to a data library, the duplicated video will be connected to the same library.

  • If the original video has a human voice-over recording, that will be duplicated as well.

  • Analytics from the original video are not duplicated.

To duplicate a video:

You can duplicate a video from Your Videos or from the specific video page.

Your Videos: Grid View Your Videos: List View Video Page
1. Access Your Videos and locate the video that you want to duplicate.
2. Hover over the video thumbnail and then click the three-dot Actions menu.
3. Select Duplicate Video.
  The new video is added to Your Videos.
Copy of is added to the beginning of the name. See Renaming a Video to learn how to give the video a different name.
▶ If the original video is located in a folder, the duplicated video will be created in the same folder.
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