Locating a Media Asset Used in a Video

When you come across a media asset in a video and want to see where it is located in the media library, you can do so easily. Using the feature described below, you'll know where to find the media asset so that you can use it in other videos.

Locating a Media Asset


Double-click the media asset that you want to locate.




Hover over the thumbnail of the media asset and then click the three-dot Actions menu.




Select Show in media library.
▶ If this option is unselectable, see Related System Messages.




The media library is opened and depending on where it is located, the media asset is selected in the root or in a folder.
▶ If the media asset is not displayed, see Related System Messages.




If Show in media library is not available, this indicates that the media asset was deleted from Your Media.




If the message below is displayed at the bottom of the screen after selecting Show in media library, this indicates that the media asset was found but cannot be displayed because the current filter does not include this specific asset.
For example: the media asset that you want to locate is an image and Your Media is currently filtered to show only videos.
After clicking Clear Filters to remove all the filters that are currently applied, the media asset will be displayed.



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