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Note that you need to have Editor permissions to configure a logo in a brand configuration.

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Where is a Logo Displayed?
Media Specifications and Recommendations
Uploading a Logo
A logo is a component of a brand configuration, representing your company's identity and products. According to your needs, you can use a different logo for each brand configuration that you create.

Where is a Logo Displayed?

A logo is displayed in a logo placeholder, according to the scene layout that you have selected. By default, the logo is displayed automatically (after uploading). If you'd like to remove the logo from an individual scene, see Hiding the Logo in a Scene.

In the examples below, the logo is highlighted in yellow.
Note that not all scenes include a logo placeholder.

image.png image__1_.png

Media Specifications and Recommendations

The logo you upload can be an image or a video.

Image Video

● Supported image formats: PNG (recommended because of transparent background) JPG, and GIF
● Maximum file size: 2 MB
● Aspect ratio should be rectangular, 3:1
● Recommended dimensions are 300 (width) x 100 (height) pixels
● White/clear space around the image should be cropped, leaving a minimum margin of 5 pixels (see example below):


Uploading a Logo


In the relevant brand configuration, open the Logo section.
▶ For how to create a brand configuration, see Creating a Brand Configuration.


2.        Click the plus icon Plus_sign.png .


Click Upload From Computer to upload the file from your local or cloud storage.
▶ You can also drag and drop the file into the area bordered by the dotted line.


The logo is added to the brand configuration.



Click Save.


The logo will now appear in all programs using this brand configuration.

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