If you would like to create a new video based on an existing one, the easiest way to do this is to duplicate the original video.

The last version of the original video is duplicated in its entirety, including media assets.

  • If the original video has a human voice-over recording, that will be duplicated as well.
  • If the original video was connected to a data library, the duplicated video will be connected to the same library.
  • Analytics from the original video are not duplicated.

You can duplicate a video from Your Videos or from the specific video page.

Duplicating a Video from Your Videos


Access Your Videos and locate the video that you want to duplicate.


Click the three-dot menu and then select Duplicate Video according to the view that you are working in.

Grid View List View
  The new video is added to Your Videos.
Note that Copy of is added to the beginning of the name. See Renaming a Video to learn how to give the video a different name.


Duplicating a Video from the Video Page


Access the original video's video page.


Click the three-dot menu on the right side of the page.



3. Click Duplicate Video.


  By default, the name of the new video is identical to the original, with Copy of added to the beginning.


4. (Optional) Change the name of the new video.

5. (Optional) Enter a description for the new video.

6. Click Copy.

  A copy of the video is created and opened in the video page. If you'd like to start working on the video, click Edit Video.

  New video_video page.png
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