After adding a voice-over script to a scene, you can preview the voice-over using a natural-sounding automated voice. The platform includes a variety of voices from which you can choose.

The guidelines in this article apply to previewing a voice-over as you work on a scene. If you would like to preview a voice-over while watching the full video, see Previewing a Video.

To preview a voice-over:


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Select Voice-over in the sidebar.


Choose the voice that you want to use for previewing.


Select the scene with the voice-over that you want to preview.


Select the voice-over placeholder that contains the script.




On the toolbar, click the play icon to listen to the voice-over script.
▶ If the voice-over is personalized, double-click the placeholder to see other variations that you can preview.




As the voice-over plays, its duration is displayed in the placeholder.
▶ If the voice-over script includes a data field, the name of the data field (for example: first name) is narrated and not the actual value.



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