Generally speaking, the voice-over script in your video will be narrated correctly by the automated voice that you select. There may be words, however, that will not be pronounced as they should be. Most likely these will be unfamiliar words and acronyms. In order for these words to be pronounced correctly, you can spell them phonetically. See Using the Pronunciation Library to learn how. When you spell phonetically, you spell the words the way they sound.

Here are some examples:

Word Phonetic Spelling
AI (acronym for artificial intelligence) eigh-ai
edamame eh-dah-mah-meh
en masse aahn mas
poignant poin-yunt

As you add entries to the pronunciation library, you can refer to the charts below to see examples of phonetic spellings for vowels and consonants. As not all the possible sounds are included, you may need a different letter combination for the specific word that you are spelling.
When you spell phonetically, try not to focus on how the word looks. Instead, concentrate only on how it should sound.

In some words, the letter case used in the phonetic spelling can impact how the word is pronounced. We recommend you take this into account when you add a pronunciation to the library.

Phonetic Vowel Sounds

To Hear As In Type
a ant a
a spa ah
a all aw
a eight ey
e egg eh
e ease ee
i in ih
i isle ay
o oat oh
o foot uu
u hurry uhr
u up uh
u pupil, human yu

Phonetic Consonant Sounds

To Hear As In Type
c corn, company k
c cent, pencil s
ch champion, child, nature tch
ch stomach, school k
ch charade, brochure sh
g George, gender, ledge j
gh laugh, enough f
ph phony, philosophy f
qu quote, quiz kw
sh she, motion, surely, clash sh
th father, them dh
zh pleasure, vision, beige zh

Phonetic English Alphabet (For Acronyms)

To Hear Type
a eigh
b bee
c see
d dee
e ee
f eff
g gee
h aitch
i eye
j jay
k kae
l ell
m em
n en
o oe
p peeh
q cue
r arr
s ess
t tee
u you
v vee
w double-you
x ex
y why
z zee
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