The default text size in a placeholder (text box) is based on SundaySky best practices but can be changed according to your preferences. This flexibility provides you with more control over how text is displayed in the various text placeholders: heading, sub-heading, footnote, table, and bullets.

Following are the key points to note about changing the text size:

1. The text size can be increased or decreased based on percentage (ranging from 30-300 %).
2. If you try to change the text size to outside the above range, the size is reverted to the last valid size.
3. If you increase the text size but type more text than the box can hold, the text size is automatically decreased to enable all the text to display in the placeholder.

To change the text size:


Select the text placeholder with the relevant text.


The text editing toolbar is displayed above the placeholder.




On the toolbar, increase or decrease the text size (in 5% increments) using the + and buttons.



For a more specific value: select the current size, type in a new value, and then click outside of the field to save the setting.

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