When you want to emphasize text in a scene, you can add a background color to the text placeholder (text box) to create a contrast between the text and the background.

This feature is especially useful in the following two cases:

1. When adding text over a video asset. As the video plays, the text may blend into the video in certain sections. Having a background ensures that the text will always stand out.
2. When applying the Minimal or Lite theme to your video. As both these themes include translucent elements, adding a background color will highlight the text and prevent it from getting lost in the scene.

Note that the background color is applied only to the text and not to the entire placeholder. As the background color is a component of the animation, it moves together with the text.

To add a background color to text:


Select the text placeholder with the relevant text.




On the toolbar, click Text background color




Select a text background color using one of the following options (click to expand):

Select a Brand Color

The colors included in the brand used for this video are displayed. You can select one of them for the background color.


Important note:
If you select one of the brand colors and then change that color in the brand, the color will be changed in the text placeholder as well. For example:


The Accent 1 color (red) is selected for the text background.




The text background color is added.




In the brand, the Accent 1 color is changed from red to green.



The text background color is updated accordingly.



Select a Custom Color

Select a text background color by doing one of the following:
a. Enter the hex code.
b. Enter the R, G, and B numeric values.
c. Use the color slider to visually select a color.


No Fill

This is the option that is selected by default.
Click the No Fill icon when you want to revert to the original state, after adding a background color.


After selecting a color, you can customize the transparency level by dragging the transparency slider leftward to increase the transparency or rightward to decrease.


After selecting the color, click anywhere outside the text background color window to save.



The background color is added and the toolbar icon is displayed in the same color.



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