Changing the Text Style in a Placeholder

This feature, along with others that increase your creative flexibility, is only available for a video using the improved layout library. See Improved Layout Library—FAQ to learn more about the benefits and how to upgrade. You will know that you have not yet upgraded to the improved layout library if you see the following banner when you open the video in the Studio or Video Page:



A scene in your video can include one or more text placeholders. In the example below, there are two text placeholders in the scene: one designed for a heading and the other for a sub-heading.


Heading and Sub-heading are two of the text styles that are defined in the brand that is applied to the video.


Each text style includes four characteristics: font, letter case, line spacing, and letter spacing.

Although each text placeholder is predefined with a text style, you may want to change this text style based on your preferences.

Changing the Text Style

1. Open the relevant video in the Studio.
2. From the scene line-up, select the relevant scene.
3. Select the text placeholder with the text style that you want to change.
  The current text style is displayed in the toolbar.
4. Open the text style drop-down list.
5. Select the text style that you want to apply to this text placeholder.
  The text style is changed.


1. Although the button text style can be applied to a text placeholder, the text style used for displaying text on a button cannot be changed.
2. When you change the text style, any other edits (size, alignment, color) made previously to the text are not affected. In the example below, the original text color that was defined for the placeholder (black) was changed to blue. The color remained blue after the text style was changed.
3. If you want to revert to the original text style and formatting that was designed for the layout, click the Clear formatting icon on the toolbar.
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