By default, the text in a placeholder is aligned—horizontally and vertically—according to default design considerations for the specific layout. You can, however, overwrite the alignment settings according to your specific brand requirements or content needs.


If a scene in your video includes multiple text placeholders, we recommend that you apply the same alignment to all the text. Design-wise, this will ensure a consistent look across the scene.

Horizontally, text can be aligned to the left, center, or right.
Vertically, text can be aligned to the top, center, or bottom.

Note that the text alignment in bullets and on buttons is predefined and cannot be changed.

To align the text:


Select the placeholder that contains the text that you want to align.



The toolbar includes options for horizontal and vertical text alignment.


2. Change the alignment according to your requirements.


  The text in the placeholder is aligned accordingly and the toolbar icons reflect the current alignment settings.

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