Adding an Automated Voice to a Video


The SundaySky platform enables you to use either a human (recorded) voice or an automated (text-to-speech) voice for your video.

While a recorded voice can provide a human touch, an automated voice has its own benefits, among them:

  • The voice-over creation process is immediate.

  • You are not dependent on any external resources. There is no need to find a suitable voice talent, coordinate recording sessions, review the recording, or have multiple iterations.

  • Using an automated voice is completely free of charge.

  • If you do need to make an edit, it can be done very quickly.
1. By default, every new video is initiated with automated voice according to its type.
For Owned Media videos, Sofia - Narrator is selected.
For Paid Media videos, Sofia - Promotional is selected.
2. Before publishing your video, you'll need to choose the voice you want for the video.

Adding an Automated Voice


Open the relevant video in the Studio.


Review all the scenes in the video and make sure that you are happy with the voice-over written for each scene.
▶ If you have used a personalization token or audience messaging in your voice-over, make sure that all the configurations are correct.




Select Voice-over in the sidebar.




Browse through the collection of voices.
▶ If you are looking for a specific voice, type the name in the search bar at the top of the page.
▶ You can also sort the voices according to name, gender, or language by clicking the column headings.




As you browse, you can click the play button by the voice name to listen to a short sample.
▶ The voice that you used to preview the voice-over is currently selected. You can, of course, continue to use this voice for publishing.


When you decide on the voice that you want to use, select the name and then click Done at the bottom of the page.



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