Introduction to the Dashboard (Owned Media)

Once you publish a video, you'll no doubt want to monitor how it performs. Your analytics dashboard provides you with an at-a-glance view of your key video metrics so that you can monitor and analyze your data all in one place.

Each video in your account has its own dashboard. The dashboard is populated as soon as the video is published and there are video views.

The dashboard is displayed on the video page. In the example below, the video has not yet been published and therefore, analytics are not yet available.


Once the video has been published and there are video views, the dashboard is populated with widgets that display data in numbers, charts, and graphs (see example below). Note that the data is not updated in real time. The dashboards are updated according to data collected on the previous day at 1:00 AM (EST) / 05:00 (UTC).


The dashboard itself is composed of three main sections:
1. Video Overview provides data and analytics relating to general video engagement metrics.
2. Clicks Summary provides data and analytics relating specifically to button performance.
3. Survey Analysis provides data and analytics relating to survey results (if the video included a survey).


See the following articles for in-depth details regarding the indicators in each section:
Inside the Dashboard: Video Overview
Inside the Dashboard: Clicks Summary
Inside the Dashboard: Survey Analysis

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