About Scenes

Scenes are the building blocks that comprise your video. Their purpose is to deliver a message that supports the video you're creating while bringing your content to life.

Inside the SundaySky platform, you'll find a rich scene template library from which you can pick scenes that match your messaging needs. Once you have chosen a scene template to present or explain a topic, you can start configuring the scene placeholders with your unique content. Placeholders are populated with text, media assets, and narration. Finally, the theme that you select determines the visual packaging and animation of the scene.

All the scene templates can be used an unlimited number of times in any of your videos.

Scene Template Before Configuration Scene After Configuration
Before_configuring_content_1.jpg Scene_1.jpg
Before_configuring_content_2.jpg Scene_4.jpg

Adding a Scene Template

To learn more about scene templates (including specific recommendations for usage), see Choosing a Scene Template.


To open the scene template library, click Add Scene after the last scene in the scene line-up.



As you browse the library, note that each scene template includes a unique combination of placeholders for specific messaging needs. Placeholders can hold text, media, buttons, bullets, and icons.



To add a scene template to your video, select the template and then click Add.




The scenes are added to the video's scene line-up, with default names of Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, etc.



Change the default scene names to meaningful names that reflect the topic of each scene (for example: Opening Scene, Benefits, CTA).
Meaningful names will help you to identify the scenes more quickly but more importantly, these are the names that are used for reporting and dashboard purposes as well as for the chapter menu. Note that titles in the chapter menu are limited to 50 characters.

To rename a scene:
a. Select the scene in the scene line-up.


b. On the thumbnail, click the three-dot menu and then select Scene Info.
▶ You can also double-click the current scene name.


c. Enter a new name and then click anywhere outside the window to save.


The Scene Line-up

After your selections, the video and the scene line-up are populated with the scenes.
The scene line-up, beneath the workspace, provides you with a global overview of the video's flow. While you work on an individual scene, the thumbnails in the line-up always remain visible.


The scene line-up is also used for reordering the scenes in the video using drag and drop.


Scene Layouts

A layout is an alternative arrangement of a specific scene.
All the layouts of a specific scene include the same number and types of placeholders. The layouts are differentiated only by where the placeholders are positioned in the scene and by the colors that are applied in the scene.
To switch to a different layout, click the three-dot menu on the scene thumbnail and then select Switch Layout.
Note that the number and type of layouts are dependent on the theme that you have selected. To learn more, see Working with Scene Layouts and Changing a Layout (Advanced Options).


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