Introduction to the Landing Page Builder

SundaySky's landing page builder enables you to create a professional landing page from which viewers can play the video you created. Instead of relying on technical resources to build the page, you can create and update the page completely on your own. The SundaySky landing page builder, developed based on extensive video expertise as well as on best practices, creates landing pages that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

You can create the landing page before you've completed creating your video or after you've completed the video and are ready to publish—whenever is more convenient for you.

If you are implementing the SundaySky API data connector, you will not be able to use the SundaySky landing page builder.
Instead, you can embed the SundaySky player in a landing page that you've created using these guidelines.

Configuring the Landing Page


Access the relevant video.


On the video page, click + Create a Landing Page.


The landing page builder opens. By default, the logo (if exists), text style, and colors of the landing page are configured according to the video's brand configuration. All of these components and others can be edited easily. Continue reading to learn how to customize each element of the landing page.


The screenshot above displays a landing page for a video created with a horizontal aspect ratio. If your video was created with a vertical aspect ratio, the landing page will be set up accordingly.

Click to see the vertical layout

Click the relevant tab below to learn how to customize the element. As you make changes, they are reflected immediately on the page.

Logo Poster Image Player Text Page Button Colors NPS

If the video's brand configuration includes a logo, it is displayed at the top of the page. Note that it is not mandatory to display a logo on the landing page and the logo can be removed completely.


To upload or change the logo:


Open the Logo expander.




Click the thumbnail of the current logo.
▶ If there is no logo in the brand configuration, the thumbnail is blank.



3. From your media library, select or upload the logo that you want to use.
See Uploading Assets to the Media Library to learn more.

4. (Optional) After uploading the logo, click the Edit logo icon by the thumbnail to crop or flip the logo.


When you are happy with how the page looks, click Create Page at the bottom right of the page.



You are directed back to the video page, where you can see that the status of the landing page is currently inactive and ready to be published. After your video is published to your landing page, your channel becomes Active (instead of Inactive).


Landing Page Actions

Once you have created the landing page for a video, there are various actions that can be taken from the Channels section of the video page.


# Action Icon Description
1 Copy page URL copy_page_URL.png Click Copy page URL to generate a live landing page URL that is copied to your clipboard. This URL can be added to records in a company database, with each URL appended with a unique ID according to viewer.
2 Generate page links (CSV) Generate_page_links_icon.png Click Generate page links (CSV) to send links using the CSV data integration.
See Generating the Video Links for detailed guidelines.
3 Edit Edit_icon.png Click Edit to update the landing page. When you have finished editing, click Update Page at the bottom of the landing page builder:

4 Test Page test_page.png Click Test Page to generate a landing page URL that is copied to your clipboard. The URL is active for 7 days and can be used for showing the page to others before actual publishing. The following notation appears on the page:
5 Deactivate Page Deactivate_page.png Click Deactivate Page to deactivate the landing page. Those trying to access the URL will receive a message that the page is no longer available.
When you are ready to activate the page again, select Activate Page from the same menu.
6 Delete Page Delete_page.png Click Delete Page to delete the landing page entirely.


Publish the video according to your account configuration, either by direct track or via SundaySky.



Activate the landing page.


The status of the page is updated to Active.



Select Generate page links (CSV).



Upload your data file using either of the following options:
a. Drag and drop the file to the area bordered by the dotted lines.
b. Click Browse and then locate and upload the file from your local or cloud storage.
▶ See Preparing the Data File for specific guidelines on how to structure and prepare this file.




Click download video links.
▶ At this stage, the data is saved in the SundaySky platform and the unique video links are generated.




Open the downloaded file with the video links.
▶ This file can also be sent to your email service provider.


Important Notes


While configuring the landing page, you can see how it will display on a mobile device by clicking the relevant icon on the left side of the page.




The selected brand configuration for the video is used for the initial configuration of the landing page. If this brand configuration is changed in the future, the landing page is not affected.


The full URL structure of the landing page is:<program id>

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