With SundaySky's landing page builder, you can create a professional landing page from which viewers can play the video you created. Instead of relying on technical resources to build the page, you can create and update the page completely on your own. The SundaySky landing page builder, developed based on extensive video expertise as well as on best practices, creates landing pages that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

You can create the landing page while you're creating your video or after you've completed the video and are ready to share it with your audience—whenever is more convenient for you.

Generally speaking, the workflow for creating a landing page is as follows:

  1. Launch the landing page builder
  2. Configure the landing page according to your preferences
  3. Activate the landing page by setting the viewer permission
  4. Share the landing page with your audience

The landing page that you create can feature either a personalized or non-personalized video.

If you are implementing the SundaySky API data connector, you will not be able to use the SundaySky landing page.
Instead, you can embed the SundaySky player in a landing page that you've created, using these guidelines.

Launching the Landing Page Builder

After you open the relevant video in the platform, you can reach the landing page builder using either of the following access points:

Video Page—Channels Section Video Page—Share Menu

If you are using the SundaySky API data connector, this option will be disabled.


Configuring the Landing Page

The landing page builder includes eight sections, each with settings that you can configure. As you configure the settings in the various sections, the changes are reflected immediately on the page.
By default, the text styles, colors, and logo (if one exists) are configured according to the brand that was selected for the video. All these components, and more, can be changed according to your preferences.


The screenshot above displays a landing page for a video created with a horizontal aspect ratio. If your video was created with a vertical aspect ratio, the landing page will be set up accordingly.

Click to see the vertical layout

Click the relevant tab below to learn how to customize the settings in each section.

Logo Poster Image Player Text Page Button Colors NPS Privacy Policy

If the brand applied to the video includes a logo, it is displayed at the top of the page. Note that it is not mandatory to display a logo on the landing page and the logo can be removed completely.


To upload or replace the logo:


Open the Logo expander.




Click the Options menu.



3. Select Replace media.

4. From the Media Library, select or upload the logo that you want to use.
See Adding or Replacing a Media Asset to learn more.

5. (Optional) After uploading the logo, click the Edit asset icon on the thumbnail to crop or flip the logo.


When you are happy with how the page looks, click Create Page at the bottom right of the page.


If you initiated the landing page from the Share menu, you will be immediately prompted to share your video after clicking Create Page in the landing page builder. The instructions displayed on-screen depend on the data connector that you have selected. See Sharing a Video for more information.

On the video page, a timestamp is added to the SundaySky landing page entry, indicating when it was last edited and by whom.
The icon displayed after the editing details indicates the current viewing permission assigned to the landing page.


Setting the Viewer Permission

The viewer permission is what determines if your landing page is visible or not. The SundaySky landing page uses the following two permissions:

  • Anyone: anyone with a link to the landing page can view the page.
  • No one: no one can view the landing page. Those trying to access the URL will receive a message that the page is not available.

The behavior of the viewer permission is dependent on the publishing state of the video and the data connector that is in use.

If the video has not yet been published
After you have finished creating the landing page, the viewer permission is set to No one. The permission Anyone is disabled until you publish the video.


If the video has been published
By default, the viewer permission is set to No one. You can set the permission to Anyone at any time.


If the data connector has been changed to SundaySky API
If you published a video with a data connector that supports the SundaySky landing page and then changed the data connector to SundaySky API, the viewing permission is automatically changed to No one. This is because the SundaySky API data connector cannot be used with the SundaySky landing page. If this occurs, you can either change the data connector or embed the player on a non-SundaySky page using these guidelines.


When you share a landing page, the viewer permission is automatically set to Anyone.

To set the viewer permission:

1. Navigate to the video page.

2. In the Channels section, at the end of the landing page row, click the three-dot menu and then select Edit Viewing Permission.


3. Select the relevant permission and then click Apply.


Previewing the Landing Page

If you would like to test the landing page before sharing it with your audience, you can generate a preview page. The video played in the preview page will not be personalized.

To generate a preview page:

1. Navigate to the video page.

2. In the Channels section, at the end of the landing page row, click the three-dot menu and then select Preview.


  The preview page is opened in a new tab and the URL is copied to your clipboard. The preview page includes the notation that appears below.
▶ The URL is active for 7 days.


Sharing the Landing Page

The instructions below apply to a video that is not personalized.

Before Starting:
Make sure that the video is published.


On the video page, click Share and then select SundaySky Landing Page.


2. Follow the steps as displayed on the screen.
a. Copy and paste the URL into your distribution platform.

b. Distribute your message with this URL.

Editing the Landing Page

You can edit the landing page both before it is activated (viewer permission set to Anyone) and after it is activated. If the landing page is activated, viewers will see all the edits after you save them. There is no need to republish the video or reshare the landing page.

To edit the landing page:

1. Navigate to the video page.

2. In the Channels section, at the end of the landing page row, click Edit.


3. Edit the landing page as required.

4. Click Update Page in the landing page builder.


  On the video page, a timestamp is added to the SundaySky landing page entry, indicating when it was last published. The publishing action here refers to the landing page and not to the video.


Deleting the Landing Page

If you decide to delete the landing page entirely, you can do so easily. We recommend proceeding with caution as a deleted landing page cannot be restored.
Instead of deleting the landing page, you can also set the viewer permission to No one. In this way, the landing page you created will still exist and you can share it again in the future (after setting permission to Anyone).

To delete the landing page:

1. Navigate to the video page.

2. In the Channels section, at the end of the landing page row, click the three-dot menu and then select Delete Page.


3. If you are sure that you want to delete the page, click Delete to confirm.


  The landing page is deleted.



While configuring the landing page, you can see how it will display on a mobile device by clicking the relevant icon on the left side of the page.




The brand selected for the video is used for the initial configuration of the landing page. If this brand is changed in the future, the landing page is not affected.


The full URL structure of the landing page is:<video ID>

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