URL Parameters Overview

Using URL parameters is an easy way to activate personalized data in the videos your viewers watch.

Parameters are passed to SundaySky as name=value pairs in the page URL.

Among the many ways that URL parameters can be used is within an email to landing page distribution flow. In this example, you can use the URL parameters connector to pass data directly from your email service platform to SundaySky.

Using URL Parameters with the SundaySky Landing Page

When you send the video link to your viewers, you need to concatenate all of the URL parameters to the landing page URL. 

URL Syntax:
https://myvideo.sundaysky.com/?programID=<your_video_id>&<source_field_1_name>=value1&<source_field_2 name>=value2

In the syntax example above, only two values are included in the URL. You can, of course, include as many values as are necessary for personalization. The values you include depend on the degree of personalization that you want to include in the video.
Note that the maximum supported length of the URL is 2,000 characters.

The source field names in the URL above are taken from the source field names that you defined in the data library:


Using the URL Parameters with a Non-SundaySky Landing Page

In this configuration, you have two options. You can pass the URL parameters through the landing page URL, in which case they will be visible or you can pass the URL parameters directly to the SundaySky player. In the latter case, they will not be visible to a viewer in the URL.

▶ Passing the URL Parameters through the Landing Page URL


Embed the SundaySky player code in your page using these implementation instructions.


Concatenate the parameters to the URL string.


▶ Passing the URL Parameters Directly to the SundaySky Player


Follow the implementation instructions for embedding the SundaySky player code.


Inject the parameters directly to the SundaySky player attribute "endpoint-URL" as in the example below:

sskyplayer.setAttribute('endpoint-url', 'https://apis.sundaysky.com/get-video/player-session/'+sskyProgramID+window.location.search+'&id=123456&attribute1=value1&attribute2=value2');
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