Creating a Video from Scratch

If you are creating your video from scratch, this article provides step-by-step guidelines as well as useful tips.

Launching a New Video


Log in to your SundaySky account.

2. Click New Video in the sidebar.


3. Select From Scratch.


4. Enter a name for the video.
▶ This is the name that will be displayed at the top of the video transcript.


5. Select the aspect ratio that you want to set for your video (16:9, 9:16, or 4:5).
▶ You can always change the aspect ratio after creating the video.


6. Click Apply.

  The new video opens in the SundaySky Studio, ready for you to work on. One scene (designed for a single message with media) is automatically added to the video. If this scene is not relevant to your use case, you are free to delete it.

Creating the Video

1. (Optional) If this is the first time that you are creating a video, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the SundaySky Studio.
2. Begin by editing the brand components: logo, colors, text styles, and button style.
Jump to step-by-step articles related to the brand.
3. Select a theme. By default, the Modern theme is selected.
4. (Optional) If you are personalizing the video with data, select a data library or create a new one.
Jump to step-by-step articles related to video personalization.
5. Add scenes to the video according to the story that you are building. For help in getting started, see Spark Your Creativity with Scene Templates.
Show me how
1. Click the plus sign in the scene line-up to open the scene template library.


  The scene template library opens, displaying all the scene templates that you can choose from.
▶ The orientation of the scene templates in the library—horizontal or vertical—is based on the aspect ratio that you selected when launching the video.

2. Explore the scene templates and then select (by clicking) the scene that you want for your video.


3. Click Add in the bottom right corner.

  The scene is added to the video and to the scene line-up.


4. Add additional scenes, as needed.
6. (Optional) Give the scenes in your video meaningful names for reporting purposes and quick identification.
Show me how
1. In the scene line-up, double-click the current name of the scene that you want to rename.

2. Type the new scene name and then click outside the Scene Info dialog window.


  The scene is renamed.


Configure the content in the scenes according to your preferences. Following are the major actions that you can perform:

8. When you have finished creating the video, continue to publishing.

SundaySky Studio

Click through the tabs beneath the image to read descriptions of the corresponding components. Note that the image represents a video created with a horizontal layout. When using a vertical layout, the scene line-up (b) and the workspace (c) change accordingly.


a b c d 
The area on the left side of the Studio, that provides access to the major Studio functions.

Helpful Tips


To see different layouts for a scene, click the Actions menu on the scene thumbnail and then select Switch Layout.




To delete a scene from the video, click the Actions menu on the scene thumbnail and then select Delete Scene.



If you are using a vertical layout to create a video for social media, do not select a scene template with buttons as the buttons will not be clickable when the video is played in the social media platform.


We recommend that you preview your video as you work. If your video is using data for personalization, you can preview the video using viewer profiles to see how the video will play for specific audiences.

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